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Northeast Region of the Administrative Personnel Association (PCUSA)

The Administrative Personnel Association is a professional association for administrative staff of churches, governing bodies, agencies and institutions of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

This organization is made up of friendly, loving people from all over the country who have bonded and have become a support line for one another. The common denominator for the people who belong to APA is their love for God and the church and their sense of service to humankind.

Administrative Personnel eligible for membership include non-ordained employees of churches and church related institutions such as:

Secretaries, Office/Church Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Computer Operators, Receptionists/Bookkeepers, Other Administrative Staff, and Day Care Staff. 

The benefits of becoming a member of APA are numerous.  The primary one is continuing education that can lead to certification which is recognized by the Division of National Ministries of the General Assembly.

Classes offered at the different  conferences include: polity, theology, church history, technology, and administrative skills.  The certification program benefits the employee as well as the pastor/executive, personnel committees and other staff members.

The Northeast Region of The Administrative Personnel Association (PCUSA)
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